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Can we expect Chapter 30 before the year's out at this stage? A Christmas present for your loyal readers would be nice :D
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I haven’t even written 29!

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The Matthew’s Residence

Some readers have been wondering what the house looks like.  This the image in my head, more or less.  Thank you to my anonymous friend that sent this to me, and then changed what I asked.  Back to writing!

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Is the next chapter close?
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I know you guys are anxious, and all I give you is the same old song and dance.  I do apologize.  Work is hell, life is hard, and I haven’t had much time to write.  It’s coming, it’s getting there.  That’s all I can say.  Hang in there guys :)

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Where's my next chapter?
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I’m still here and still writing.  Been going over some things with my editor.

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(1/2)So I came across just the six of us two days ago and I just finished the latest chapter (mainly just dragging it out from last night since I didn't want it to end.) I saw your tumblr and all the people asking questions about it and I have a lot of the same and more, so I was wondering if you had an FAQ page dedicated to a lot of common questions you get. I would love to dissect the sort of 'Behind the scene' stuff. And I also had a more personal question as well.
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That’s a really good idea.

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Loved Just the Six of Us and really enjoyed Good Intentions (the story formerly known as Angels, Demons and Alex) based on a comment by you on an earlier post. Any other recommendations? Recommendations from sites like Goodreads are heavily skewed towards the female reader so that doesn't seem very helpful.
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There are a few that I like, actually.  The Secret Garden, in the loving wives section, starts out very nicely.  I would have gone a different way with the ending, but to each his own. is also very hot, but is not everyone’s cuppa.

There’s one thing that I’ve always been irritated about by the loving wives section.  There are way too many stories about cheating, and revenge, and hate, and etc…  I want to have a nice erotic story about a wife and husband in various situations, not some half ass revenge story about screwing over the woman that screwed you over.

Nothing turns me off quicker than starting a story and finding out its one of those.  Sorry, I’m just not a fan.  I don’t want to read about that.  Nothing compares to actually going through one of those stories in your personal life and I don’t want to relive it.

If anyone reads any stories that are hot, that you like, and that aren’t like the ones I described above, let me know.

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I don't know if you've been ask this before, since I just binge read your story, but how did you come up with the idea for the voice? And is there a female version in Beth? Great read
stinnetnator asked

Okay…last time.  :D   Just kidding.  When I started writing, I was forcing myself to write out all the boring parts of a story.  I was going through a divorce at the time and wasn’t having sex, and didn’t feel like…doing the laundry by hand, so to speak.  So I was a horny bastard.  I forced myself to write the dialogue, and what the characters were doing, and thoughts like, “Just make him throw her to the floor and fuck her,” kept popping into my head.  I thought it might make the story a little funnier, so I tried it.  I tried several different formats.  One that I haven’t mentioned before was a little odd.  I made references to Mike’s Common Sense as an entity, as well as Testosterone, and Lust, etc.  I was trying to give Mike’s conflicting emotions a personality and actual actions.  For instance…

"This is your sister, stop this, you fucking idiot,” Common Sense was screaming at him. Testosterone came up and bitch slapped Common Sense in the head.

I actually did leave a reference to this in an early chapter, I don’t remember the emotion though.  It was clunky and didn’t really flow well.  The voice knocking common sense out, or something.  It just seemed awkward and I decided to leave it out.

As for Beth, I’m sure there is a female version, but it’s probably not as vocal as Mike’s.  I’ve never actually nailed down exactly what is going on in Mike’s head, but for Beth, I’d be comfortable saying she was possessed by some sort of sex demon.  I’m not saying that that is actually whats going on, as I want it to be intentionally vague, but it would be closer to that than anything else.

That being said, her voice has a much more violent, almost dangerous feeling to it.  It takes her over when she’s even slightly turned on.  It doesn’t make her do crazy things, like fuck a basketball team, but it does make her extremely dominant in the bedroom unless there’s an even more dominant person there.  I.E. she’s dominant with her sisters, not with Mike, usually.

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Are you dead? No response since May. Please don't die on us.
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I don’t think I’m dead.  :)

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In your last post, from about a month ago, you stated that 29 ain't finished. How are you doing on that?
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I’m still working on things.  I know you guys are being as patient as possible, but I’m having issues with the flow of what I’ve written.  It’s hard not to say FUCK THIS and erase it all and start over.  Don’t worry, I’m not doing that.  I’ve always wanted this story to be as realistic as possible, while being as “fantastic” as possible.  I’ve been mulling over how to handle the current problems the siblings are having.  I’m not giving away anything in the story, and I doubt I’ll be able to post any text that I’ve written, it might give something away.  What I can say is that I’m incredibly thankful that you guys are so damn patient.  If I could release it tomorrow, I would, but it just wouldn’t be worth the time you’ve been waiting for it.

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To my faithful readers

I’ve been dealing with Colin Hobbs, lots of work, and a little bit of writing.  The email I got from payloadz, was basically a request for a DMCA letter so the website owner had actual, legal backing and proof the take the stuff down.  Before I finished the letter, his stuff was removed, from several websites.  Good Reads still lists him, but I can’t find anywhere to “purchase” a copy of my own damn story.  Please, please, keep an eye out and let me know if you see anymore of my chapters popping up anywhere.

29 is being written on.  No it ain’t finished.